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Bottom-Pouring Ladles

  • The Rowell casting ladle will always pour clean metal because of the unique bottom pour design.  Cast better bullets for reloading.
  • The bottom pour feature is safer because hazardous skimming is eliminated; pour cleaner lead and babbitt or cast purer ingots.
  • There is virtually no waste metal when discarding the dross because of the bottom pouring design.
  • Available in nine sizes providing bottom pour casting ladle design for a wide range of large and small jobs.
  • Openings on each side of the pour spout to permit the last of the metal to pour out and allow heat and hot gases to escape.
  • Bowls are made of cast iron for durability and are designed with a round base cast in to prevent tipping when placed on the floor.
  • Sizes #4 - #9 have a sliding metal sleeve handle design to keep the handle cool and protect the user from burns; and are designed to be used with both hands for safe and efficient operation.
  • Safety engineers classify molten metal skimming as a hazardous operation. Protect yourself and others by using Rowell ladles instead of skimming.

Click to view ladle brochure:   Rowell ladle flyer.              Click to download ladle specs:   Rowell ladle specifications.

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