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  • Rowell ladles pour clean metal or babbitt because of the unique bottom pour design.

  • The bottom pour ladle feature is safer because hazardous skimming is eliminated.
  • Small ladles (1# & 2# lead capacity) have smooth wooded handles for better control.
  • The #3 ladle (4# lead capacity) has a flat, cast metal handle for one-handed pouring.
  • Medium ladles and large ladles all have a cast sliding sleeve and D-shaped handle for two-hand casting.
  • There is virtually no waste metal when discarding the dross because of the bottom pour design.
  • Rowell ladles have small openings on each side of the pour spout to allow the last of the clean metal to pour.
  • Ladle bowls are made of cast iron for durability.

Rowell Ladles                                              
                              Table of Rowell Ladle capacities.
                                                            In pounds of metal
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