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Multipower Wire Nipper

Price: $108.00
Item Number: 01850
Powerful multi-power wire nipper cuts music wire up to 0.100" easily.  End-cutting (side-cutting also available).

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Complete spring winding kit
Complete Spring Winding Outfit
Price: $435.00
Complete Spring Winding Outfit
Complete spring winder kit with wire nipper and Hook-kon spring looping tool (Includes P-2 Spring Winding Kit: 2 handles, 4 boxes of wire, etc,)
Spring Winding Tool
P-2 Spring Winding Kit
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P-2 Spring Winding Kit
Porter Spring Winder (without wire nipper or Hook-kon spring looping tool) includes large & small handles, 4 boxes of wire, 6 mandrels, coil holder, etc.
Spring Wire (Spring Tempered Music Wire)
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Spring Wire (Spring Tempered Music Wire)
Spring-tempered Music Wire for making coil springs.

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