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Large Rowell Ladles

Metal casting ladle
Price: $52.00

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#6 Rowell Ladle
#7 Rowell Ladle (+ $7.00)
#8 Rowell Ladle (+ $15.00)
#9 Rowell Ladle (+ $25.00)
Additional handle for #9 & #10 ladle (-$8.00)
Large Rowell bottom-pouring ladles from 25# to 90# lead capacity; for casting babbitt, lead, aluminum, zinc, ect.

Ladle dimensions:     Rowell ladle specifications                        Ladle capacities for other metals:    Rowell ladle capacities

Product Reviews

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Ladle #7
Håvard Broberg (Lena, ) 5/31/2015 3:04 AM
I bought this ladle for hobby use. Even if a ladle is a "simple" product it seems to me that all details about this is carefuly planned. It's perfect for the use I intended it for upon purchase. The #7 is a pretty big ladle, I'd say that this is not the ladle for a hobby user owning only one ladle. For me this is a "just in case"-ladle, that is for the few occasions when pouring a lot in one single pour is needed. For the majority of my use a much smaller ladle is appropriate. Potential buyers of this not owning a more "reasonable" sized ladle in advance I'd reccomend buying a smaller one in addition. (I own ladles #1, #4 and #7)
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