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Advance Car Mover Co. has been manufacturing quality tools here in the United States for 100 years.

Our time-tested product lines include:

Rowell Ladles - A Rowell bottom-pouring ladle casts clean metal because these ladles pour from the bottom of the bowl, eliminating the need for hazardous dross skimming.

Badger Rail Car Movers - Power King and Badger #249 railcar movers use compound leverage to move railcars further and faster with each stroke of the handle.

Porter Spring Winders - Quickly and easily wind extension, compression and torsion springs the compact, portable Porter Spring Winding kits are your best choice.

Hook-kon Spring Looping Tool
 - Form perfect loops & hooks on coiled wire springs with the Hook-kon Spring Looping Tool.

Badger Roller Pry Trucks
 - Move up to 10,000# of equipment or machinery using a pair of Badger Roller Pry Trucks.

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Babbitt ladles    railcar movers           Hook-kon Spring Looping Tool        Roller pry truck

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